Public Safety

Jackson Housing Authority strives to provide peaceful, safe and enjoyable communities for all our residents.  JHA works closely with local law enforcement agencies to assist in both the apprehension and prosecution of criminal offenders.  JHA also takes independent action when necessary for various infractions, such as issuing lease terminations.

Jackson Housing Authority utilizes a variety of methods to ensure the safety of our residents, including the use of camera surveillance systems. This technology aids the efforts of police in apprehending individuals engaged in criminal activity, in addition to deterring future crime. JHA also maintains a No Trespass list which lists those individuals not permitted on any JHA property due to criminal activity. 

One of Jackson Housing Authority’s most important goals is to keep our communities safe. JHA believes that the very people it is tasked to protect are an instrumental factor in the stability of safe and vibrant communities.  If you have witnessed a crime, or have information about criminal activity in your community, you can report it to us anonymously.

Please call 911 for emergencies

Residents can anonymously report suspicious activities by using the form below.

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